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Learn Effective Marketing Tactics

Take the guesswork out of your marketing and learn from nearly 20 speakers covering digital marketing topics for photographers. Watch on your own time and learn how to:

  • run strategic Facebook ad campaigns
  • optimize your website for more traffic
  • build your business through blogging
  • get an edge with Google AdWords
  • attract clients with social media
  • and master your email marketing

This conference is held entirely online. Please be sure to review the frequently asked questions below and the terms before purchasing tickets. Testimonials are from photographers who received a “sneak peek” of some of the conference content.

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Conference Date: Nov 2-4, 2017
(but you can watch at your convenience!)

“I watched a couple of sessions, and it was totally worth my time. I already have 5 SEO friendly blog posts queued up and ready to go!! …”

Chelsea H. (Wedding Photographer)

I’m in my first year of my photography business and during this time, I’ve have had SO much to do and learn. 9 months later and I’m finally getting around to starting email marketing. This video [on email marketing] really gave me the vision, tools, and motivation to get my email marketing up and running. I highly recommend this video to any photographer who doesn’t feel confident in their email marketing or just wants a fresh update, because it offers SO much tangible content and you can start applying everything immediately! I can’t wait to see how this micro changes transforms my business!” 

Monica Brown Photography

Meet Our Talented Speakers

Andrea Moxham
Andrea MoxhamUsing Email Marketing to Land More Photography Jobs
Email marketing is the golden ticket for photographers who are tired of battling ever-changing algorithms and the flooded competitive landscape of social media. By building a list of qualified potential clients, you’re able to take control over who sees your message, how you’ll personalize it, and ensure you stay top of mind. Join me as I share the insider secrets to creating an email list from scratch, what types of content to share, the best tools to use, and how to turn those subscribers into clients.
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Scott Wyden KivowitzCreating a Lead Generation Machine in WordPress
Quality lead generation is something so many photographers struggle to accomplish. In this session, I will walk through how to set up the ultimate lead generation machine in a WordPress website. No matter the hosting company or theme you use, this system will work to ensure quality leads are coming to your photography website. The reason why this is important is because, without leads, and the ability to convert them to customers, you have no business.
Henry Chen
Henry ChenHow to Build a Successful Wedding Photography Business for the Long Run
It’s one thing to be very passionate and even talented at taking beautiful wedding photos. But it’s another to actually make and sustain financial success for the long run. In this course, learn the advice, strategies, and mindset I’ve used to not only run, but actually have a career doing wedding photography. Learn how I’ve been able to be a solo full-time wedding photographer for nearly a decade, compete in a saturated marketed, and make six figures every year.
James Maher
James MaherEmail Marketing: How to Grow an Engaged Audience and Promote Your Services
Learn why creating a strong email marketing strategy and building an engaged list is integral for all types of photography businesses. This session will cover how to setup a mailing list, how to get people to sign up, how to engage your audience, and how to promote and sell effectively through your list.
Morgan Williams
Morgan WilliamsHow to Get in Front of Your Ideal Client on Instagram
In this presentation, Morgan Williams talks through the process of defining your ideal client and how to properly engage with them on Instagram using common points of interest. She also tackles things that you should STOP doing on Instagram and concludes with some tips to help make your grid more aesthetically pleasing!
Rachel Brenke
Rachel BrenkeWalking the Marketing Legality Tight Ropes
Join Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog®, as she presents an engaging and informative educational map to help you navigate the legal tight ropes of marketing legally. Often times, small business owners are so focused on just getting the marketing output, they don’t consider the methods that they are engaged in might actually land them in legal trouble. Rachel will help you understand how to get and use testimonials, business networks and client referrals the right and LEGAL way.
Cyrissa Carlson
Cyrissa CarlsonCreate a Social Media Strategy that Increases Your Reach & Bookings
Frustrated by Facebook and unsure of Instagram? Let me show you how to turn your social media accounts into profitable booking machines for your photography business! We’ll start by identifying what social media is {and what it isn’t}, in relation to your brand. We’ll establish a strong online presence and optimize all of the untapped resources {that you’re probably not using}. But you shouldn’t be doing all the hard work, right?! I’m also going to show you how to get your clients marketing for you and how to maintain consistency by creating a social media content calendar. Little social media changes can make a big impact! Are you ready to shine online?!
Ben Hartley
Ben HartleyWhat are you Worth?
Some of the most talented photographers in the world are not making the most for their art … many are just scraping by. At the end of these 58 minutes, you will no longer be allowed to blame clients, location, competition or the industry for your troubles. I’ll show you the Abundance Blueprint of critical steps it takes to grow your photography business while not losing sight of why we do what we do. Because we can’t give our clients memories, artwork, feels or value if we aren’t in business.
Jared Banz
Jared BanzHow to Optimize Your Photography Website for Local Search
Are you tired of Facebook’s limiting algorithm? Photographers and creatives don’t have to rely strictly on paid traffic and referrals for new clients. Search Engine Optimization is a great alternative for free website traffic. In this 45 minute talk, Jared will walk through the 5 key SEO elements needed for every website to compete on Google.
Morgan Anderson
Morgan AndersonHow to Blog for Your Photography Business
Blogging is a powerful way to grow your audience, showcase your work, and improve your site’s ranking on Google – all while building trust with your clients. Over the years I have shared my journey, bragged about my clients by posting their sessions and weddings, and have been able to help other photographers by blogging three times a week. It has changed how I do business. I’m excited to teach you through my struggles and successes. Here’s to you and your blogging success!
Nick Lees
Nick LeesHow to Drive Leads with Facebook Remarketing
In this course you’ll learn how to capture the “low-hanging fruit gigs” with Facebook Remarketing Ads. This intermediate course shows you step-by-step how to set up funnels to nurture leads to book a shoot. Photographers who have dabbled in Facebook Ads before will get the most out of it, but those with no previous experience will gain a lot as well.
Ben Turner
Ben TurnerUnderstanding the Fundamentals of Link Building for SEO Success
Link building is still one the most important factors Google considers when determining rank and position in their search engine. Not all links are created equal. In fact, some links could even hurt you. Let’s discover how to identify and build/earn the right links to your website to enhance your SEO.

*Content Pending*

Christine Tremoulet
Christine TremouletThe Power of Using Your Story in Your Branding With Blogging & Social Media
You ARE your business, and telling your story allows your clients to connect with you so that you stand out in your market. In this talk we explore how to overcome the emotional fears of being vulnerable and share tips and techniques for how to be seen and heard online.
Latasha A. Peterson
Latasha A. PetersonHow to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic by Using Pinterest
Are you currently looking for new ways to grow your traffic to your site? In this masterclass, I will share five practical strategies that you can use on Pinterest to grow your blog + Biz! We will cover how to strategically use keywords, how to optimize your profile, the power of group boards, how to use Facebook groups to boost your Pinterest pins, and lastly, how to get your website & content “Pinterest ready” for the boost in traffic. 
Phillip Barnhart
Phillip BarnhartSearch Ads Part I
(Setup, Writing/Quality Score, Conversions, Extensions, Bidding, Measurement in Google Analytics)

*Content Pending*

Phillip Barnhart
Phillip BarnhartSearch Ads Part II
Location Ads, Search Remarketing, Dynamic Search Ads, Maintenance

*Content Pending*

Investment: $347


Conference Date: Nov 2-4, 2017
(but you can watch at your convenience!)